To Educational Leaders of America:

By way of brief introduction, my name is Geneva Jones-Taylor, and I am an attorney specializing in education. I have recently become a national speaker providing training and speeches to schools and various organizations in litigation matters involving special education, teacher training, civil rights, among many other topics.

Training educators on topics such as these is a passion of mine. These topics involve a lot of education and can sometimes be challenging to understand the different nuances. I have recently been featured on KPRC, discussing the COVID-19 Special Education de Blasio Class Action Lawsuit Against Public Schools. It is a national battle during this pandemic. You can watch the interview and learn more here.

I would love to discuss speaking to your educators and school board about these issues and offer training services to you.

For more information about me, please visit my website

If you are interested in booking me for training or a speaking engagement, please contact me at, or you can call me directly at 832-324-5223.

 All the best,

Geneva Jones-Taylor