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Geneva Jones

Nationally recognized speaker, school law lawyer, media commentator, and trainer.

As the national educational systems shift into a "new normal," legislators, school districts, superintendents, and public entities are faced with the mission of serving their students while continuing to abide by the law. Knowledge is power when it comes to avoiding litigation, however, now more than ever, schools are lacking the resources and knowledge needed to mitigate future lawsuits. 

As the leading expert in special education, disabilities, and civil rights, Geneva uses her experience defending school districts in litigation matters involving special education, teacher training, and so much more. 

For most of her legal career, Geneva has been the go-to person presenting and training on disability and civil rights law topics to groups of public school educators. Regardless of the size of the audience or its location, the goal is on child-centered legal compliance.

Everyone is a client, and there is no one-size-fits-all perfect IDEA or 504 training that meets the needs of every campus, region, or state in the country. Just like services under the IDEA and 504, presentations must focus on unique needs and provide understanding in areas that matter to the presentation audience. Consequently, Geneva will work closely with you to develop training covering the issues that matter to you and your audience. She creates a truly individualized learning experience.

Geneva explains the law in simple, common-sense language, illustrated with frequent examples from real-world experiences, and focuses on the legal framework's everyday implications, emphasizing compliance through awareness and planning. She supplements her presentations with detailed written materials that provide legal authority and additional explanation long after the training or speaking engagement is over.

Geneva's expertise is unparalleled. She uses straight talk, humor, practical experience, and women's intuition. Geneva's speaking engagements provide a potent dose of realism and inspiration.

She has shared her insights with thousands of people throughout the United States. Described by audiences as "inspirational" and "practical," Geneva's passion comes through in every word of her high-energy speaking engagements and training. Her style is fun, fast-paced, and, most importantly, actionable.

“Thank you so very much for presenting today.  I sang your praises so much after hearing you present several times that my director contacted me and asked about you.  You were amazing as I knew you would be and I thank you!  After the webinar, several of my co-workers shared how wonderful they thought you were.  You are very articulate and confident in your presentation.  You can hear how much you care about students and districts in your voice and the way you speak.  I appreciate you so much.  Thank you again for presenting to Region 7 today.”

Krista D

“A must book speaker. She is open, informed, and inspirational in her knowledge and story.”

April C

“Geneva is a true leader in the education realm, she helped us understand how COVID-19 impacted the community.”

Jason K


Some of the organizations I presented to and worked with in the past.

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